“Maxim Vengerov is one of the greatest violin virtuosos of our timeHis artistry was so complete that one was left awestruck…Most soloists perform Joseph Joachim’s cadenza in the first movement. Not Vengerov. He has composed his own cadenza. Cleverly constructed from the concerto’s themes, it was a staggering display of almost superhuman virtuosity, replete with extended sequences of trills, high harmonics, double & multiple-stopping & intricate, rapid-fire passagework. It took one’s breath away.”

The Australian, 20 Feb 2017

“A magnetic artist, he is a true poet of the violin…rock-solid technique & pinpoint intonation allied to a glorious golden tone…His cadenza, was full of ingenious double stopping, a winning lyricism & the odd ‘gypsy’ slide.”

Limelight Magazine, 20 Feb 2017

Vengerov eased into the expressive, widely arching second theme of the first movement with caressing emphasis on the G sharp &, after bewitching virtuosity in the cadenza, amplified the expressive potential of the Tranquillo coda to the maximum….After ornate passagework in the second movement, the finale was fiery & hugely engaging.

– Sydney Morning Herald, 20 Feb 2017

“Maxim Vengerov weaves his magic in a stunning performance with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra…The miraculous quality of his playing was writ large in the lengthy cadenza at the close of the opening movement… a breathtaking display of double stopping, soaring runs and flitting themes.”

– Daily Telegraph, 20 Feb 2017

“The ‘unplayable’ played brilliantly”

Bachtrack, 20 Feb 2017