“Vengerov entered into his work with complete absorption, so familiar with the work’s processes that he merged into the action with sterling fluency, articulating needlepoint rapid high passages in immaculate articulation, accounting for the first movement cadenza with a dramatic flair to equal David Oistrakh or Leonid Kogan, whooping through the finale’s interludes. In all, offering a first-class and seemingly effortless interpretation of warmth and benign passion.”

– The Age, 01 Mar 2017

“Rarely has a Melbourne audience responded so warmly to a violinist; people knew they had just heard the greatest virtuoso of our day…All of Vengerov’s strengths were on show: crisp articulation, controlled but stirring vibrato, daring rubato, incredible harmonics, and those phenomenal trills. His tone seemed even more beautiful in the warmer acoustic of Hamer Hall. Vengerov was at his most dauntless in the outer movements, yet the Canzonetta was hushed and refined before the monumental Finale.”

ABR, 01 Mar 2017