Tchaikovsky Romances

Released: May 10, 1994


1.My Protector, My Angel, My Friend
2.None but the Lonely Heart (Song of Mignon), Op.6 No.6
3.Why?, Op.6 No.5
4.Not a Word, Beloved, Op.6 No.2
5.Heed Not, My Love, Op.6 No.1
6.Spirit My Heart Away
7.Lullaby, Op.16 No.1
8.Acquiescence, Op.25 No.1
9.The Frightening Moment, Op.28 No.6
10.It Happened in the Early Spring, Op.38 No.2
11.Nights of Delerium, Op.60 No.6
12.Gipsy Girl's Song, Op.60 No.70
13.The Stars Looked Tenderly Upon Us, Op.60 No.12
14.This, Our First Reunion, Op.63 No.4
15.Indoors, the Lights Were Being Put Out, Op.63 No.5
16.Serenade, Op.65 No.1
17.The Sun Has Slipped From Sight, Op.73 No.4
18.Night, Op.73 No.2
19.Once Again, Alone, Op.73 No.6