Rachmaninov: The Miserly Knight

Released: September 1, 2009


2.Whatever happens, I shall appear at the tournament
3.What has that Idler Solomon to say?
4.Your humble servant
5.Yes, at the Baron's funeral more money will flow than tears
6.What? Poison my father!
7.Like the young libertine awaiting a meeting with some wily harlot
8.Like some demon, from here I can rule the world!
9.It doesn't seem much, but of how many human cares
10.Every time I start to open a chest
11.But after me who will have possession of it?
12.Believe me, Sire, I have long suffered the shame of bitter poverty
13.Baron, I'm pleased to see you so hale and hearty
14.You, here? You, here?


Ildar Abdrazakov - The Baron
Misha Didyk - Albert
Sergey Murzaev - The Duke
Peter Bronder - The Jew
Gennady Bezzubenkov - Servant
BBC Philharmonic
Gianandrea Noseda, conductor