<div class="max-caption-dk-right">Carnegie Hall Announces Maxim’s Three Year Perspective” Click to watch the trailer</div><div class="max-caption-dk-right">"Vengerov didn’t merely give a great concert; some of his playing left me open-mouthed in wonder….” Bachtrack</div><div class="olga-caption">"Olga Borodina triumphs in Vienna as the Countess in Pique Dame</div><div class="max-caption-lightbg-fm">“Maxim appointed first Solo Artist in Residence by Classic FM"</div><div class="max-caption">”Maxim Vengerov  to release <br/>new recordings exclusively on streaming service IDAGIO and becomes Idagio Ambassador"</div><div class="olga-caption">"you could almost swim in the full richness of her gorgious tone" Texas Classical Review</div><div class="max-caption-small-font">"Faced with so much talent & excellence, whatever the repertoire is, we must admit that Maxim Vengerov is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant violinists of our time”</div><div class="max-caption">"Maxim Vengerov is 43 and he’s one of the most brilliant violinists you’ll ever hear." 
The Washington Post</div><div class="olga-caption">Olga Borodina opens 2017/18 season of The Dallas Opera</div><div class="max-caption">Maxim Vengerov: Democratising Classical Music Teaching. <br/>Visit his new website<br/>to find out more ...</div><div class="olga-caption">BBC Proms 1st Night:
"Russian mezzo’s artistry allowed her to weave exquisite arabesques" 
 The Independent</div><div class="max-caption">"***** A marvellously realised interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto & 6th Symphony” Limelight Magazine</div><div class="olga-caption">NEW RELEASE! Borodina, Gergiev & LSO record Berlioz: Roméo et Juliette</div><div class="max-caption-lightbg">"***** No matter if it’s for his flawless artistry or breathtaking virtuosity, Vengerov is rightly hailed as one of the world’s great players"  The Scotsman</div><div class="max-caption">”Maxim ‘Maximus’ Vengerov proved that he is again the ‘best violinist in the world'" Le Monde</div><div class="olga-caption">"With her lush tone & commanding dramatic presence, Borodina was the most exciting performer in the Met's Aida" Bachtrack</div><div class="max-caption-dk-right-sm">Vengerov’s astonishing technique and unflagging passion suffused the opening Andante molto in D flat with melancholy as Osetinskaya’s gently rocking piano rhythms provided perfectly graceful support.</div><div class="max-caption-dk-right">"The audience reacted with a standing ovation – before the concert had ended.”</div>